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Our solution, no limits...
WebRide - Web Based Order Entry
Aleph WebRide puts customer in the drivers seat by letting them place their own orders via the Web with their Service Providers...
Aloha Automatic Callback System
Aleph pioneered the creation of Aloha in a brilliant effort to provide a lightning fast complete IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automatic callback systems to the Black Car Industry...
Computer Aided Dispatching Systems
ACSIs CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) System automatically processes your customer's orders and assigns a vehicle to serve their needs...
Global Positioning Systems
Aleph's GPS feature provides careful tracking of on-shift vehicles...
Aleph's PalmTop Computer Systems Replace Outdated MDT...
Accounting, Billing, Cashiering, Voucher Verification
Aleph offers comprehensive accounting packages designed specifically for the Black Car Transportation Industry...
Can you imagine this! No paper vouchers? That's right, for the first time there is a solution which completely removes paper from the antiquated, costly and inefficient paper voucher process...
Aleph's Base Station Controller (BSC), Wireless Modem, Evoucher Writer/Reader, ...
ALEPH The Whole Solution, End to End

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