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A Paperless Electronic Voucher Processing System for Transportation Industry Users and Service Providers
EVoucher "Smart Card Technology finds its niche as an incredibly effective Voucher Replacement Solution for the World's The Transportation Industry ..." Crains NY Business

Can you imagine this! No paper vouchers? That's right, for the first time there is a solution which completely removes paper from the antiquated, costly and inefficient paper voucher process. Aleph's totally paperless exclusive EVoucher smart card is here! It's secure, economical and easy to use. This brilliant solution will save big dollars and valuable time for your Company and Clients. Now ACSIs Clients can achieve winning results for everyone! No doubt, evoucher is the solution that saves dollars, and makes absolute sense!

The paper 'Voucher' has existed as long as the Transportation Industry has offered Clients the ability to charge for services. Vouchers have been established as "currency" in the Transportation Industry. Car vendors prepare invoices, customers pay bills, and drivers get paid, all based on highly unsecure, inefficient, costly and antiquated paper voucher systems. A tremendous amount of resources are wasted unnecessarily with this archaic dinosaur of a process . Inefficiency and human error plague these type processes, thus resulting in endless customer disputes and huge capital losses.

Aleph brilliance and innovation through technology have once again pioneered the solution. After years of research and development, Aleph has launched EVoucher, the only solution that quickly and effectively replaces paper voucher processes. Aleph's patented EVoucher (Electronic Voucher Processing System) does it all. With EVoucher, Aleph has integrated Smart Card/IC Card Technology into a solution that makes absolute sense!

Some of the Benefits

Virtually Eliminate Paper Vouchers...

Paper voucher processes are incredibly inefficient, costly and super high risk . Aleph EVoucher Fully Paperless Electronic Voucher Processing System virtually eliminates nearly all paper vouchers, while at the same time significantly improving operational efficiencies and the quality of services.

Virtually Eliminate Human Error...
In the case of paper voucher processing, large amounts of information are traditionally entered into computer systems by data entry and pricing personnel. During this process, the risk of human error is extremely high, thus impacting various processes and increasing associated costs. Aleph's E-Voucher system virtually eliminates these processes, their costs and your risk, while significantly improving your bottom-line.

Speed up the Billing Process...
EVoucher minimizes billing turn-a-round time, while maximizing controls and optimizing usable intelligent MIS. Clients get their information quickly, Your Company receives payment faster than ever before!

Minimize Customer Disputes...
Aleph's E-voucher system minimizes customer disputes commonly caused by human error and insufficient backup data. Precise and timely information are the hallmarks the E-Voucher System

Minimize and or Eliminate Driver and Passenger Fraud...
The smart card technology used by ASCI' E-Voucher is highly secure. EVoucher is same technology that Leading Banks use WorldWide for their E-Cash (Electronic Cash) services! With PIN number protection and Encryption, it is virtually impossible for data tampering to occur with Aleph's EVoucher Smart Card and or ASCI's RideSmart Reader.

Maximize Optimal Controls...
Aleph's E-Voucher is incredibly versatile. EVoucher can be programmed for one-time use, limited number of trips, dollar amount of a trip, days of a week, time of day and more. An administrator or a manger can effectively control all transportation usage by simply programming the card from their desktop.

E-Voucher FAQ

Q: What is the difference between a Smart card and a regular magnetic card?
A: On the surface of a Smart card, there is a memory chip which can store both permanent and dynamic information. With the Smart card reader, the information on the card can be retrieved or new information can be written. In contrast, information on a magnetic stripe card is read-only. In addition, smart cards can store much more information than a magnetic stripe card.

Q: How secure is a Smart card?
A: Extremely secure. The microprocessor and memory chip on a Smart card have very complex data encryption mechanisms which provides a very high degree of security. Leading Banks currently utilize Smart Card Technology WorldWide for their E-Cash (Electronic Cash) services.

Q: What is an EReceipt?
A: When a customer leaves the car, the trip and price information is saved the EVoucher. Instead of leaving with a paper receipt, the customer has their data electronically stored on Aleph's EVoucher. This type of virtual storage defines the EReceipt.

Q: How does a customer query information from an EVoucher
A: A customer can easily verify an invoice and or a specific charge from a vendor with the EVoucher System with EVoucher Reader connected to a PC, or even online via the Web. The client can verify detailed trip information including trip date, time, car number, in addition to all other elements. Or, the customer may send the card to the administrator for verification.

Q: How much information can be stored on a Customer's EVoucher?
A: Depending on the memory size on the EVoucher, a customer's EVoucher can store a minimum of up to 14 trips, plus the customer's permanent information such as last name, first name, PIN number, employee number and other elements. When it reaches 14 trips, the oldest trip will be removed from the card. Therefore, the card always keeps the last 14 trips. All trip data for trips beyond 14 are reflected in all permanent billing data records and are retrievable over the Web, all other electronic media, and of course hard copy print as well.

Q: What if a customer loses the EVoucher?
A: Each card has a PIN number just like an ATM card. Without a proper PIN number, the card can not be written with new information. The lost or stolen EVoucher is reported to administration, the EVoucher is then camcelled. The customer will then obtain another EVoucher from the administrator without worry.

Q: Since Aleph's EVoucher replaces the paper voucher, does a driver still need to carry a voucher book?
A: Yes. There are many situations where paper vouchers are still necessary. For example, a visitor from another city without an EVoucher; a customer forgets to bring their EVoucher ; the driver's Ride Smart Writer/Reader may have malfunctioned. Since these occurrences are negligible, EVoucher will always significantly impact process, control, and costs incredibly favorably.


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