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Aloha - Aleph's Fully Electronic Automatic Black Car Services Callback System
What is Aloha?
Aleph pioneered the creation of Aloha in a brilliant effort to provide a lightning fast complete IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automatic call back systems to the Black Car Industry. Aleph Aloha optimally speeds up the process of calling back customers with their car number and ETA (estimated time of arrival).
With the advent of CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) and other technologies being so widely used in the Black Car Industry, the common bottleneck in dispatching rooms has moved from dispatchers to knock-off operators - same problem, just a different place. Aleph's Aloha System fully automates the callback function, a brilliant solution! Black Car Companies virtually eliminate the bottleneck completely, while achieving the highest levels of both efficiency and customer service.

Aleph's Aloha utilizes high powered PC technology and innovative programming as its engine.

How Aloha Works
Once Aloha selects a qualified call, it will dial the customer directly.
The customer will hear the following:
This is ABC company calling for Mr. John Smith, for your car number and expected time of arrival, please press 1.
ACSIs CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) System automatically processes your customer's orders and assigns a vehicle to serve their needs...
As soon as Mr. Smith presses 1 on his phone, he will then hear the following:

Your car number is 300 and will be there in 15 minutes. Thank you for choosing ABC company. To speak to a live operator, please press 0.

The text in italics is narrated in a digitally synthesized voice. The rest of the message is narrated in a digital recording by a human voice. (1) The customer simply presses 1 on their telephone set, (2) hears their car number and ETA and (3) has their call automatically knocked off in your dispatching system. It's that simple. No human intervention needed whatsoever with Aloha. If the customer chooses instead to speak to a live operator, the call can then easily be automatically transferred to the knock-off group by the telephone system.

How Aloha Benefits Your Clients and You
Frees Call Takers to Process More Transactions

Reduces Dispatching Room Headcount & Associated Cost

Provides Your Clients with Information Quickly

Reduces Telephone Line Related Expenses

Optimizes Customer Satisfaction

Once again, Aleph uses the power of technology to deal with complex business process challenges while benefiting you!

ALEPH The Whole Solution, End to End

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