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What is Aleph CAD?
What is Aloha?
ACSIs CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) System automatically processes your customer's orders and assigns a vehicle to serve their needs. CAD is based on the Windows NT 4.0 operating system, the latest and most advanced technology in the market. Windows NT Server is the easiest and best server operating system and is the most well suited for your most demanding business needs. Aleph's CAD is the most efficient, scaleable, economical and powerful system money can buy. Open architecture and freedom with the greatest features and least expense. Why would anyone even consider anything else?
Six Sound Reasons Why Aleph's Original CAD Authenticity Counts For YOU!

1. Your company will realize significantly reduced hardware and software costs.
2. Aleph's CAD is extremely reliable and very easy to manage and use.
3. Your company will experience virtually NO downtime.
4. Windows NT Server is also the only server operating system with Internet, Intranet, and communications services built-in. You can literally integrate the Web right into your business.
5. Aleph's CAD high throughput, increased speed, and top-level security will significantly improve your productivity.
6. Aleph's CAD modular architecture ensures that you will always be able to easily add emerging technologies to your system.

"Indisputably, the comprehensive and robust functionality of Windows NT Server provides you with the best price and performance value of any server operating system on the market." PC Magazine

Inside Windows NT, Aleph utilizes the best Database engine available - Microsoft SQL Server, rated No.1 in virtually all categories by the industry. Aleph takes advantage of the best, most cutting-edge technology to provide its customers brilliant, highly functional and practical solution that again make dollars and sense for all.

Aleph's state of the art Windows NT CAD system is designed for all Black Car operations that wish to stay on the cutting edge of technology. As you may well know, MDT's are the only way to go if you want your company to stay ahead of the competition. Aleph's tried and true CAD system is simply the best in all categories!
Aleph's CAD System Provides Benefits for Your Company, Drivers and Clients?
Your Ability to interface to most MDT manufacturers systems. (Click Here for MDT Info)
Aleph Customized software to meet Your Company Specific Company Needs.
Technical Support 24 Hours, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
Optimal Customer Satisfaction
Maximization of Your Company Revenue
Driver Satisfaction in a Favoritism Free Environment
Maximization of Driver Revenue
Your Satisfaction in knowing that you selected the RIGHT system
How Does Aleph's CAD Work?
Using Aleph's CAD system, your radio system, and the proper MDT system, when customer orders are entered into the system, the computer automatically pairs the order using the Geo-data base and vehicle location data base to service the customer needs as soon as possible..
What Does CAD Do For Me?
Aleph's system will improve your customer satisfaction and your sales. Some of our special features include:

Customized Order Taking Screens, Supervisor Screens, and Maintenance Programs.
1.Automatic Standing Order Screen Generation for Select Accounts
2.Geo-Database that aids you is generating your own customized Geo-Database with landmarks, travel times, and many other features.
About MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) Systems

All MDT's are different, however Aleph will assist you in selecting the correct MDT system for your operation. (Click Here for MDT Info) Furthermore, Aleph will integrate your current radio system to the MDT system. All MDT systems incorporate the following features:

Driver Sign-on and Sign-off
Driver Zone-on and Zone-off
Call Delivery, Accept, Reject, Forfeit, and Retransmit
No Go, No Show, and Emergency
Meter On/Off and In-route Information (Where Applicable)
Automatic display of fare and car information to all drivers
Ability to send messages to the fleet, a group of vehicles, or one vehicle
An Integrated Paging System
This new feature enables direct communication to the driver's beeper from the Dispatch Computer System. Advantages of this feature include:

Easy communication with off-shift drivers
Access to driver who may be out of the car
Ability to page a whole fleet or individual drivers
Acts as a back-up system for mobile data dispatch

More About Aleph CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) Systems
Aleph CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) Systems are designed to function in two ways: CAD enables (1) smooth, precise, rapid, minute-to-minute operation of a Black Car Radio Dispatch System, (2) CAD records and compiles operations data. CAD data is accessible through a variety of hard copy print, terminal display and other media.

The Aleph CAD System operates in a multi-user, multi-tasking environment. A call is (1) entered through a Call Taker's terminal and then (2) displayed on the Dispatcher's screen by priority or time order. All of the systems particular functions may be modified and tailored to suit the needs of a Your Company's operations.

Aleph CAD Call Taker Functionality
As the Call Taker enters the street name and number, the computer checks the address against its files. If the address is not valid, or it requires special handling, the Call Taker is flagged with a screen message. The data is sent to the printer and printed, providing a permanent, hard-copy back-up record of all incoming calls. The call information is automatically routed to the appropriate Dispatcher, and the Call Taker's screen is made ready for the next call.

The Call Taker may at any time query the system for the information and calculations requested by the caller, such as the average cost of a trip or delivery, or estimated response time. Call Takers may exchange messages with the Dispatcher's screen.

Automated Call Taking System - Aleph's Aloha:
Overburdened call takers find relief with our integrated Aloha System maintaining top efficiency. Customers simply use their telephone keypads to place or obtain order information directly. A must for busy companies looking to improve service without increasing personnel.
(Click Here For Aloha, The World's Best Fully Automated Call Back System)

Aleph CAD Dispatcher Screen Functionality
Each Dispatcher is assigned an area consisting of a zone or zones. Calls are routed to Dispatchers according to these zone assignments. A Dispatcher's screen displays all the live calls in his area. Using the optional Destination data, the Dispatcher may call on the computer to help arrange shared-rides and courier routs. Estimated costs and time can also be provided by the computer. Regularly scheduled, recurring calls, once entered into the computer, are automatically called to the dispatcher's screen at the appropriate times. The Dispatcher may always revive dispatched calls to his screen for reviewing or re-dispatching. This data may be revived in batches sorted by time, by zone, by area, or by cab number. The information is also available to Call Takers, so a Call Taker may directly answer a customer query.

Aleph CAD Supervisor Screen Functionality
The Supervisor has access to all live call and dispatched call information, and can keep up on current or past information such as load status and average response time. The Supervisor may call information to the terminal screen or order printed reports either routinely or as special problems occur. The origin and routing of all call information is easily traced, so it is always possible to account for errors and mis-routings. The Supervisor can quickly change zone assignments, thus modifying automatic call routine to Dispatchers.
Aleph CAD Geo-Database Functionality
Consists of Street File, Landmark File, Zone Definition and Pricing Table. User Definable Matrix allows you to quickly and accurately input geographical information and maintain a price database to provide cost estimation on the call takers screen as well a summarize daily total revenue.
Aleph CAD Data Transfer Functionality
Daily Summary data can be downloaded to your billing or management system for accounting purposes. A PC or backup tape may be used to archive the history data.
Aleph CAD Online Credit Card Verification Functionality
Users can verify credit card information quickly and simultaneously without the added hassle of the retail-style credit-card reader - it's faster, efficient and easy to use. The system also provides for off-line batch processing.
Aleph CAD GPS (Global Positioning Position) Functionality
A new feature providing careful tracking of on-shift vehicles. Fares are assigned only to cars within the pickup address zone, resulting in increased efficiency and better service.
One Very Cool Solution!!!
ALEPH The Whole Solution, End to End

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