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"Aleph's PalmTop Computer Systems Replace Outdated MDT..."
Black Car News
Click Here For the Best MDT Solution In The World
Amazing! No more strings attached. What a relief. Service providers have struggled for nearly 20 years with their legacy MDT headaches. Pricing, service replacements, restrictive proprietary hardware/software issues, and now even Y2K compliance. What's even worse, the bigger question, will your MDT provider still be in business before too long. Aleph has developed the solution, and its time is now! FreePalm has just arrived to New York's Black Car Scene, is installed, and it's blowing the competition away by decades! Aleph's Exclusive FreePalm Software puts YOU in control for the first time and forever.

FreePalm,Packed with Outstanding Features, and Super Value?
256 Color Display
Multi-lingual voice Recognition
BackLit Auto Dimming Touch Screen
Graphical User Interface
56Kbps Modem
Lithium-Ion Coin-Cell Battery
Interactive Maps
Built In Microphone
Wide QWERTY Keyboard
Compact Flash Slot

Choose the hardware you prefer from OEM's like Sharp, Compaq, Cannon and Hewlett Packard just to mention a few. That's right. Can you believe your eyes? The millennium is here. Choose Aleph FreePalm for the freedom you deserve and economies you must have.
ALEPH The Whole Solution, End to End

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