On March 20, you can have the MDT system

You dreamed of ... with a level of reliability,

Support and portability you never dreamed of.

Introducing FreePalm.


As of now, proprietary hardware systems that become outdated shortly after installation are a thing of the past.

You can forget about mobile data terminal hardware suppliers who disappear as fast as the weather changes. The Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) future is here, and it called FreePalm.

With hardware produced by HP, Compaq, Casio, NEC and other major OEMs, FreePalms software gives you the reliability, support, and portability that drivers have always dreamed about.

FreePalms portability and ease of use will amaze you. This user-friendly system fits into a pocket. Anyone can learn to use FreePalm with only a few hours training.
Imagine having ready access to the features that FreePalm gives you:
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)for road directions and maps
  • CDPD or RAM ready, pager notification
  • Driver Pricing justification/Smart card ready
  • Real-time transmission of client billing information to host
  • Client-scheduled reservations and pickups from the internet
  • LCD 256 color touch screen
  • Large alphanumeric keyboard
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts (unaffected by interference, topography, poor location or sunspots)
  • Multi-lingual voice recognition


Call (718) 361-8485 today to schedule a free hands-on demonstration. And plan to find out more at the ITLA Spring Confoerence in Long Beach, CA, April 23-25.
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